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2012 Heat Anomaly

2012 Heat Anomaly

A Winter Heat Wave
Periods of warmer than normal temperatures continue to occur in Canada. In March 2012, record-breaking summer-like temperatures were documented across North America. The high temperatures were experienced across most of Canada, as indicated by land surface temperature comparisons between March 2012 and the averages recorded on the same days in March 2000 to 2011 (Figure 1).1  

Summer-like temperatures, such as those observed in parts of Canada during this 2012 heat wave, are unusual at this time of the year. Hundreds of weather stations across the country broke their all-time temperature records for March; Halifax temperatures reached 27.2°C on March 22, breaking the previous record high of 11.8°C, while temperatures in Winnipeg reached as high as 23.7°C.2 The highest temperature during this March heat wave was recorded in Lake Major, NS, where temperatures rose to 30°C. Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Fredericton, and Charlottetown also had record-breaking temperatures.